Fourth Partnership Meeting

Bulgaria, Sofia

October 20 – 25, 2014

Bulgarian folklore and traditions. Partnership with local authorities

Venue: The Representation of the European Commission. EU Information Centre124 G.S. Rakovski Str

Topic 1: Community centres chitalishta as a sustainable education agents  and places for preservation and popularization of traditional culture

Speaker:  Antoaneta Ginina,  expert on chitalishta, libraries and regional cultural  policy.  Interpreter - Mira Kolarova

Topic 2: Bulgarian folklore and traditions, a place in the European cultural space. Bulgarian traditional jewelry - ethnological backgrounds, types of jewelry

Speaker: Milena Zvancharova, ethnologist, researcher of Bulgarian traditional  beaded  jewelry  

The delegates from Crotia, Hungary, the Czech Repulic, Romania and Bulgaria were greeted by the children of Chitalishte Progress with traditionl songs and dances.



Fifth Partnership Meeting


Mart 9-14, 2015

Chitalishte Development Foundation took part in the 5th Partnership Meeting. The activities programme included a study visit to the world's leading glass factory by the town of Yablonets. The tour of the factory premises revealed more of the process of glass seed beads making to the participants. During the 5th meeting the Czech National qualification framework was presented, which opened a discussion on the basic skills and competences required by the profession of a traditional jewellery beader. The travelling exhibition was displayed at the Regional museum in the town of Pelhrimov, accompanied by a fashion show prepared by the pupils of the local vocational school. In the course of the 5th meeting important organisational developments of the project were also discussed.

Participants on behalf of the Chitalishte Development Foundation: Srgjan Krstevski - designer, Milena Zvancharova - ethnographer, Detelina Vasileva - secretary of the chitalishte in the town of Kostenets, Svetla Kangalova - secretary of the chitalishte in the village of Gorna Vasilitsa, Kostenets region. 

  • Sofia