Study Visits

Study visit at the National Museum of History and Boyana Church, situated in Boyana village, near Sofia


Founded in 1973, the National Museum of History in Sofia contains more than 650,000 exhibits and one of the largest history museum on the Balkans.

The aim of the museum is to provide a comprehensive view on Bulgarian history from the prehistory to present, in a broad an European context as posible. Hands-on  learning experience was led and lectured by Vera Kerelezova – ethnographer at the  NMH. 


Study visit to Boyana church

The Boyana church "St. St Nikola and Panteleimon" is situated at the foot of Vitosha mountain in Boyana region of Sofia. It is one of the few Medieval monuments of the Christian art  surviving till nowadays.  The Church is a part of the 100 national tourist sites  of Bulgaria and it is in the List of UNESCO of  world cultural heritage since 1979. It was built in 3 stages: first in the ХІ century, second stage - in the middle of ХІІІ century and third - in the middle of ХІХ century.