The number of participants in the Bulgarian Traditional Beaded Jewellery Workshops in Sofia was 20 - 15 partners’ staff and adult learners and 5 adult learners from Bulgaria. Altogether thirty workshop lessons were held. During five days of training participants  had the opportunity to get acquainted with the beading varieties and the specific features as traditionally known in Bulgaria. 

The types of necklaces taught were tumbalki, kyustek and  gushter. They were chosen because they best represent the rich tradition, different beading techniques, especially in the Rhodopes (Southern Bulgaria), where beaded jewellery was generally favoured by girls and women of any age.

The participants were really interested in learning how to make the Bulgarian traditional necklaces chosen for these workshops. Tumbalki is easy-to-acquire technique and could be applied to make both spectacular necklaces and bracelets.Participants were very active in the workshops. They had a lot of questions about the colours used for making traditional necklaces, on which occasion such jewellery was worn, etc.


Trainers: Srdjan Krastevski , Albena Chobanova, Yordanka Tzvetkova,  consultant interpreter - Milena Zvancharova