Mobility in the Czech Republic summary

Aims and objectives:

The mobility was aimed at bridging the first stages of the partnership based on the traditional glass beads jewelry and exploring the recognition of the traditional jewelry makers to the following stage including redesign, its placement to the market and proposal related to the recognition and national frameworks of qualifications.

with following objectives:

To introduce the Czech reality of the glass beads and jewelry,
To present the system of the recognition and validation of the non-formal education together with overlap towards the National Framework of Qualifications and National framework of Professions,
To offer the deeper understanding of the non-formal education and its methods,
To establish the open space for the redesign of the traditional beads jewelry by sharing, original and innovative creation,
To support the space and synergy of sharing, exchange, networking and planning of next steps of the project.


Recognition of the NFE and the national frameworks:

Input on behalf of National Institut for Further Education

Contact: Mgr. Daniela Havlíčková, havlickova.d@nidv.cz
, 222 122 280
774 315 031

Work in national groups on the important elements of the possible qualification proposal for the “jewelry maker”:

Technical qualification
- Knowledge of ethno-background, authenticity of the patterns, materials
- Beading skills
- Theoretical ethnographic background (shape, colors, material, geography, usage)
- Knowledge about beaded jewelry material and skills how to handle with this material
- Knowledge about schemas (to read, to draw, to use IT programme)
- Skills for creation of new jewelry (attendance of 120 hours course)
- Repairing of old/broken traditional jewelry
- The participants has to know which direction to go: modern x traditional
- Knowledge of market placement of jewelry
- Knowledge on redesign
- To be aware of national traditions of the country
- Endurance and patience
- Humbleness and responsibility for our heritage, for roots
- Profound knowledge of traditional costume
- Knowledge of beading tools and materials (NB)
- Knowledge of authentic patterns
- Skills to make the authentic patterns

Evaluation standards
Central evaluation system (quality, aesthetics, usability, technical processing)

Authorized person
Ethnologist, Jewelry restorer, Jewelry maker, Designer, Representative of the market
The jury with professional portfolio
The jury has to be taught us together with museum experts, ethnologists
Traditional (NB) beaded jewelry master/artisan
Contemporary beaded jewelry master/artisan

The national realities were reflected while identifying the elements of the proposal – e.g. need of recognition of the traditional jewelry maker.


Presentation of redesign: www.scribd.com/doc/260064671/Redesign-HodinaH-Loga

Czech reality of the market:

in general people buy the components and create own jewelry as a hobby, as professionals and also as a hobby while placing the jewelry to the market and selling
high number of the shops and e-shops with the glass beads and all the components for jewelry making
on the market is mostly applied the principle of the collaborative consumption (e.g. www.fler.cz/zbozi?ucat=304405)


National Institut for Further Education: www.nidv.cz/en/
Vocational Training School Pelhřimovhttp: www.spssou-pe.cz/projekty/ucast-nasi-skoly-v-projektech/leonardo-da-vinci-2014
Museum of Vysočina Pelhřimov: www.muzeumpe.cz
Czech designers
Shop “Bead”: www.koralek-obchod.cz
Preciosa: www.preciosa-ornela.com/en
Museum of glass and fashion jewellery in Jablonen nad Nisou: www.msb-jablonec.cz
National museum, Historical museum, Ethnographical department
Local community (NGOs, club, authorities)