Evaluation formular:


Evaluation summary:

Evaluation from the Czech mobility - summary:

1. Learning objectives: redesign of beaded jewelry, process of glass beads production, to learn more about the history of Czech glass bead making, redesign of beaded jewelry, process of glass bead production

2. Expectations: to visit the factory in Jablonec, an expert in jewelry re(design) leading a workshop of making minimum three necklaces based on previous work

3. What is useful for you personally and professionally from knowledge gained from the presentation about the Czech folk jewelry and study visits in the glass beads factory and the museum which could be useful for your?

It helps me to explain the background of the jewelry and to sell it more effectively.

The introduction to the process of manufacture – a magic from the past – a handful of sand turns into a handful of colourful glass beads, and then into necklaces and jewelry.

That was for me the best part of Czech meeting. I learned a lot about Czech traditional jewellery. The visit to the Preciosa Factory was great and Mr. Puš gave us a magnificent tour with detailed explanation on glass bead production. I really enjoyed the visit to Glass and Jewellery Museum in Jablonec.

It all helps me to give more detailed explanation about beaded jewellery to the customers. It’s very important because it gives credibility to the jewellery we sell and raises its value. 

5. What value has from your point of view the non-formal education and link to the market in this partnership?

It proves that the product as a result of non-formal education can find its place on the market.

The wonderful presentations were a good evidence to that.

It proves that non formal education can result with a high quality product which is well recognized by the customers on the market.

6. Was the introduction of the Inscape manual and the practical example useful?

Mostly "no".

7. How did you use the space/take initiative/experiment/contribute/take action during the free style beading workshop? (e.g. putting in practice proposed redesign patterns, creating own redesign style of the necklaces from my or other countries?

Not all participants took part.

The models of redesign offered helped me create my own redesign style. 

8. Which concept of re-design is the most acceptable and closest to you and your connection to the beading jewelry? And/or which concept are you going to apply in case making redesign beaded jewelry?

Mainly: to revise in appearance

Also: to change the design,  to revise the function

9. What belongs to the positive aspects fo the exhibition? 

Promotion of partners ,promotion of beaded jewelry.

Promotion of partners, beaded jewelry and national traditional heritage.

The exhibition was organized in very beautiful location.

10. Your personal/organizational learning outcomes from this mobility:

Knowledge about glass bead production, details about the glass beads, glass bead production, Czech jewelry, redesign, non-formal education in Czech

11. General evaluation including practical arrangements (1=minimum, 5=maximum): average evaluation 4