Here is THE FILM ABOUT THE 3RD MEETING in Romania, Odorheiu Secuiesc!

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"Traditional jewellery of Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria testifies to the richness of representative heritage of national handicrafts, their similarities, but also distinctive skills and jewellery forms. Therefore this project also has an ethnological research role. Ultimately, we have a common goal: to foster and promote contemporary role of ethnological reflection and its use."


Lucija Franić Novak, PhD

  • Call for Application: Crafts4EU

    2014 – June - Artera Foundation – Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

    The arts and crafts sector in Romania is recognized as an important area of activity, in that it focuses attention on preserving local cultural heritage and on generating local economic development. Thus we organized and published the Call on different websites to explore the need for combining crafts and selling redesigned products. We value tradition but remain innovative and look towards the future so we keep promoting entrepreneurship for all the craftsmen and asked for ideas combining beading with any other craft.

    We are sure that they can also design their own products by, for example, combining different materials. Combining traditional knowledge with modern practices can give birth to new and fresh work of arts able to boost the local economy.

    This innovative Call gives them the possibility to add a personal touch to their works. 

  • Pre – Pilot Course for Adults and Children

    2. 2014 – 14 – 28 April - Artera Foundation – Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

    Having a wonderful time both professionally and personally at Szekszard, we started a two-week course as a pre-pilot course to test our manual and try to develop and improve the methodology for our project.

    We advertised the course for adults and children and on the 26th May we started the pre-pilot course for a Croatian and a Hungarian necklace.

    The adults were delighted the children were excited...We decided for a short sample / bracelet for kids and the whole work or adults.

    The results and observations will be discusses on the 3rd partner meeting in our city. The photo gallery is very suggestive.

  • Meeting with the Expert Group

    1. 2014-02-15 Artera Foundation – Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania

     Representing Artera Foundation in Zagreb was honourable and the meeting was a wonderful experience. It was an effective blend of theory, analogies and practical knowledge. It was a good choice that the staff and adult learners as well had got deeper in look into the objectives of the project.

    Returning home with new experience and fresh enthusiasm we gathered our expert group and had our first meeting discussing the following tasks and