Roll down for the new evaluation videos!

Evaluation is an important part of the meeting as it assesses whether we are doing things as planned or there are some important parts that we missed. We organized the Evaluation Event to be an organic part of the workshop as well as of the Festival so it was planned on the main stage in the inner courtyard.

We started the workshop with an envelope survey – we asked the countries to write on a stripe of paper what they expect from the week ahead them. Then we tried to capture all the important moments of the meetings on photos and videos as well.


The Evaluation was before the certificate ceremony. While the participants were still admiring the expo and the beautiful work they had done we put the big posters with the stripes written by them and the matching photos.

Then each country independently evaluated the meeting. It was an emotional moment.

Czech Republic:                                     Zagreb, Croatia:


Bulgaria:                                                  Kokula, Croatia:


Hungary:                                                   Romania:




Mirjana Podvorac, Dubrava Zagreb

Nana Zore, Kokula, Dubrovnik

Eniko Zanki-Toth, TEMI FMH Budapest

Zuzana Kratinohova, Hodina H, Pelhrimov

Szidonia Peter, Artera, Odorheiu Secuiesc

Zoya Borisova, .Chitalishte Development Foundation, Sofia