Study Visits

Wherever you go and whatever place you may visit becomes a part of you ...

Considering the fact that 23 of the 33 participants came through Budapest we organized a common bus with a visit onward and another one backward.

The team was excellent!


The first visit was Vistea – part of Kalotaszeg area, the home of a folk costume type highly decorated with beads. Csilla Simo, a professional beader was our host and accompanied us to a “home-museum” of Elisabeta Szallos.


The film about her home can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNyLWlKu5uM

The main visit of the team was Satu Mare – Homorod – Harghita Mountain – Miercurea Ciuc

We admired the carved gates at Satu Mare where you can find the oldest carved and painted memorial Szekler gate from 1858. Next to the Old parts of this gate there were two new ones so it was a good chance to talk about them and to compare the motives.


At Homorod we tasted the natural mineral water directly from the spring and admired the beautiful settings.


Time for fun was at the roots of the Harghita Mountain where we had a short team building g ame. It was a great success and gave a good start for the day.


 The last stop was Miercurea Ciuc  and Miko Castle with its marvellous museum where we had not only an ethnological tour but a historical one as well. At the end the dress-up-party in the Knights Room was fun and cool.


The last visit to Cluj Napoca was on way back to Budapest. The tour guide took the team through the city centre an historical landmarks of the city.


We hope all the participants went home with good memories!