Travel Exhibition

The travel exhibition was hosted by Haaz Rezso Museum and it was on the first floor in the main expo room.

The event was opened by the representative of the museum András Roth and two folk singer ldies who were responsible for the festive atmosphere.


The professional part was from Tekla Tötszegi, ethnographer from the Museum of Cluj Napoca, Romania, specialist in beaded jewellery.

Then a warm welcome from the Honorable Dr. Partl Alexandra Petra and Dr. Hadászi Gabriella Hungarian Consuls.


After the opening speeches as a presentation tour each of the countries presented their artworks exhibited.

Nana from Kokula team, Dubrovnik, Croatia:


Suzy from Hodina H  team, Pelhrimov, Czech Republic:


 Zoya from Chitalishte Development Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria


 Marcsi from TEMI team, Budapest, Hungary:


 Szidónia from Artera team, Odorhei, Romania:


 Lucija from Dubrava People's University team, Zagreb, Croatia:


The Expo had a large audience and there were several representatives of the media present.

The glittering display of the exhibited jewellery were unique because this was a special occasion to see European heritage artefacts at the same place offering exclusive insight in our common roots.